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Having emigrated myself, I have a clear insight into the process of dismantling your life in one place and establishing it in another. I have helped people move from all over Canada, and indeed, from all over the world.  I am experienced with the in's and out's of a non-local move. I use technology in many ways to assist with people who may not be close at hand. If you will be working with a relocation company, I can work with them too!  Just give them my name, so you can have a local expert on your side, rather than a random agent picked from a database!
If you have a specific relocation question, not covered below. Please contact me - I'm here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you work with my relocation company?
Do you have any testimonials?
What is the cost of living vs where I am?
What is the cost of housing?
Where will my kids go to school?
What area should I live in?
What is the weather like?